ADPA means “Advanced Digital Processing for Astronomy”.  ADPA  is a collection of multi-platform applications dedicated to Astronomy.

ADPA suite’s programs are supported by Windows, Linux and Macintosh.


ADPA suite’s first project is HSPI, an astronomical picture capturer and editor. HSPI uses the most advanced tecniques for these purposes. HSPI permits capturing images from different sources simultaneously, connecting the computer on wich it runs to phisically connected CCD cameras or on remote cameras using an internet or LAN connection. HSPI permits saving images sequences from these sources independently from each connected camera also, and permits real-time or postponed editing.

You can also connect a mount togethere with each connected camera, this means that you can have complete cotrol on more telescopes on which you’re connected from a single interface, and this function is powered by the offline plate solver: you can recognize the observed image and correct the mount’s coordinates for a precise GoTo pointing.

HSPI contains an alignment, rotation, scaling function also for tilted, traslated or scaled images.

Each ADPA software contains a set of plugins, whose source code is available for editing.

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