• What is ADPA?

ADPA is a set of various software for astronomy, the first project is HSPI: a parallel and multiple instrumentation capturer.

The ADPA suite is composed by these software: PSDI and HSPI.

PSDI uses a new concept for photometry: it opens as input a sequence of frames and traces patterns that indicate light variations generated by the various images.

HSPI is a software that opens local files, local and remote cameras and saves or edits their frames. It can control multiple mountings and observatory instrumentation.

  • Who is ADPA for?

ADPA is for any astronomy passionate.

  • Is ADPA Open Source?

No, but plugins yes.

  • I downloaded an ADPA software, but I can’t use it, how can I do?

Open a support ticket here https://www.adpasuite.com/support/index.php, we’ll reply as soon as we can.

  • Which image file format are supported by an ADPA software?

The supported formats are JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, SER and FIT: the FIT images saved by an ADPA software are compatible with programs like MaximDL™ and in RGB 16bit per channel format (three mono frames with 16bits pixel depth each stored in a single file)

  • How can I write a plugin for an ADPA software?

You can use MonoDevelop, or Xamarin Studio to develop your custom plugin.